Oct 4, 2022 • 32M

JFK Facts Podcast: Biden's Order Tested

Ep.1 - The latest on how Biden's JFK disclosure memo is being implemented.

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The latest in news and analysis of JFKs assassination and the official secrecy that still obscures the full history of November 22. Join the conversation every Thursday night by registering here: PASTE LINK IN BROWSER Riverside.fm/studio/the-jfk-facts-podcast?t=2782c6dc776c71efbb63&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email
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The debut episode of the JFK Facts podcast features attorney Larry Schnapf explaining the behind-the-scenes developments in the coming declassification of still-secret JFK assassination files. Schnapf, a veteran environmental lawyer with a deep expertise in November 22, reminded me last year of an interesting JFK Fact.

Six of seven [JFK] mock trials cond…

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