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TEASER TRAILER: Marina Oswald Has One Last Thing to Say

Marina Oswald Porter's long-lost 1996 interview with JFK Facts Podcast host Jefferson Morley releases tonight

Marina Oswald Porter, the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, believes that her husband did not kill the president of the United States. She is one of the most important witnesses in the JFK saga.

Yet her story is largely unknown.

For reasons that will become clear, Marina has not given an interview in three decades. But soon, you will be able to listen to an in-depth conversation that has not previously been heard.

Tune in to the JFK Facts Podcast at 8 tonight (Tuesday, Feb. 13) for a world-exclusive interview: Marina Oswald Porter Has One Last Thing to Say.

After that time, you can download the Marina Oswald episode here. It also will be posted on the JFK Facts YouTube Channel on Feb. 13.

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