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JFK, Obama, and the coming end of the Cuba embargo

Like Obama, JFK wanted to make peace with Cuba

One million visitors to JFK Facts can't be wrong

The fractured reality of JFK art

Is it time to abolish the CIA?

White House petition seeks release of all JFK files

Truman v. CIA

Vaughn Meader, forgotten comic of the Kennedy years.

Grassy knoll target practice on 11.20.63?

In Miami, a muted response to historic change in Cuba policy

When JFK secretly reached out to Castro

Jackie Kennedy and the anguish of gun violence

U.S. and Cuba to normalize relations frozen since JFK was president

Public Interest Declassification Board cites JFK Records Act as a model

Oswald's coffin: Robert Oswald's lawsuit illuminates the buried truths of the JFK story

Rachel Maddow traces CIA torture program back to JFK investigation

CSI JFK: The chain of custody for 'the magic bullet'

From JFK to torture, the CIA obstructs accountability

Fidel Castro's reaction to the assassination of JFK

CIA officer received a medal for his role in JFK cover-up

Dick Russell on Richard Case Nagell

Voice of America: JFK's assassination still reverberates

What Newsweek avoids: Fifty plus one: the unfinished JFK story

Who was responsible for the wrongful death of JFK?

Four photographers remember November 22

Howard Willens corrects my mistakes

ARRB chairman says JFK investigation riddled with 'too many holes'

Eve Ensler on 'Project Unspeakable'

Howard Willens weighs in on RFK's suspicions of conspiracy

'Project Unspeakable' brings James Douglass's JFK story to the stage

Former JFK investigator: Don't hold your breath for 2017

Doug Horne rebuts John McAdams

One reason why the Warren Commission's medical evidence was unconvincing

In his own words: Ben Bradlee talks about Mary Meyer's JFK diary

When the Cold War made Georgetown hot

ICYM: Simkin on Ben Bradlee, James Angleton, and Mary Meyer

From a Facebook page of great JFK quotes

JFK fact check: DId Netanyahu threaten Obama with a 'grassy knoll' reference?

Graphic novel colors in the Warren Commission's story

JFK postscript: CIA intrigue enveloped Bradlee and Angleton

JFK Lancer announces November conference

What Ben Bradlee taught me about Washington journalism

Oswald charges could have been dismissed, says defense attorney

An aside on LBJ and JFK

What's wrong with the right-wing take on JFK

In memory of Ed Sherry

What did French intelligence think of JFK's assassination?

Did Bradlee fear Angleton?

Ben Bradlee on JFK's assassination

National Archives creates a team to review JFK records for 2017 release

Could the Secret Service have saved JFK?

Decades later, three former JFK investigators sue the CIA

Two JFK corrections for the Internet

JFK doodles about the discovery of missiles in Cuba

Yuri Nosenko and the Warren Commission Report

Before the CIA jobbed the Senate torture investigation....

Why RFK refused to swear there was no JFK conspiracy

Peter Coyote narrates new JFK documentary

On Jeremy Gunn's speech about JFK evidence

Does Reddit have to be stupid about history?

POLITICO is the latest to pick up on JFK Facts story

What does the National Archives have on JFK?

JFK on a military coup: 'It could happen in this country'

What the Warren Commission couldn't comprehend

Ed Sherry aka 'Tree Frog' passes

New JFK documentary narrated by Peter Coyote

CIA as 'the perfect Watergate enabler'

The still-secret CIA torture report

One man's encounter with Oswald

What is JFK 3.0?

Judge Leon's blind justice

What you need to know about the Warren Commission is ...

A libertarian's take on the JFK medical evidence

What you need to know about the Warren Commission is...

About that film from Dallas

Radio reporter to talk about his Oswald encounter

Peter Dale Scott on why 'Continuity of Government' figures in governmental failures

The Warren Commission report bridged a 'cultural fault line'

Does anybody know anything about this rare JFK film?

At Warren Commission conference, a Cuban militant tells his Oswald story

Why the liberal press ignored the 50th anniversary of the Warren Commission

Why the Warren Commission got scared of Castro

Skeptics gather 50 years after Warren Commission

About the Warren Report: Bad faith of the CIA and FBI

CIA admits undercover officer lived in New Orleans

About the Warren Report: why no index?

JFK 3.0: Why the Warren Report is obsolete

'What you should know about the Warren Commission report is that...'

The fading taboo against Warren Commission critics

What the Warren Commission didn't know

Why Castro met with the Warren Commission

Missing witnesses: two African-Americans on the grassy knoll

The trouble with the Warren Commmision

'The [Warren] report ... has collapsed like a house of cards ...'

Waiting out the Warren Commission, the HSCA and ... the American public?

How the Warren Commission misrepresented JFK witnesses

The hit man and the mobster: Jack Ruby and Santos Trafficante

The cinema of assassination as inspired by JFK

What do you think about the Warren Commission report?

Solomon Islander who rescued JFK passes away

Did JFK's limousine come to a stop amid the gunfire?

Pass or fail? The Warren Commission report reviewed 50 years later

The hidden history of the first JFK conspiracy theory

Who paid for the first JFK conspiracy theory?

Lee Trevino tees up Lee Oswald: he 'didn't act alone'

'At least two of the shots...came from behind me'

Allen Dulles and the origins of the lone gunman theory

The whole Bay of Pigs thing

Historian Gerald McKnight on Oswald's final hours

Doug Horne zooms in on the Zapruder film

'It was necessary to pacify public opinion'

Investigative theater in Chicago on August 9

What Judge Leon didn't see

Tea Party advice: follow the 'Kennedy family secret' and invest in cannibis

Wikipedia blocks bogus anti-Castro JFK edits from U.S. Congress

Unclassified JFK database still stored in 'Top Secret' vault

'Terminate the States of Emergency'

Guns and theories in Dealey Plaza

The Ellsberg challenge: 'dismantling the national-security state'

Fifty one years later, federal judge upholds the CIA's right to keep JFK secrets

What we've learned since the Warren Commission report

The sad truth

Once and future presidents

The Ellsberg challenge

Assassination in the struggle for power in Cuba

Ignorance goes viral: Discredited JFK hoax spreads around the world

How the FBI thwarted one agent's JFK investigation

HSCA: '... the brain ... is among certain autopsy materials which are unaccounted for.'

Full disclosure is a dangerous thing

JFK Most Wanted: the Howard Hunt files

Witnesses, spooks, and a lost Dealey Plaza film

Pro-secrecy judges prove the need for JFK Secure Drop

'Even paranoids have real enemies'

Top 5 JFK Facts stories in June

A new frontier in JFK research

Sign the petition asking Archivist David Ferreiro to enforce JFK Records Act

A traveling JFK exhibition

Letters to Oswald: hoax or evidence?

Top official: CIA secrecy around JFK records is 'ridiculous'

ONI Investigator said Oswald files were withheld

Support the JFK Facts lawsuit against the CIA

ICYMI: Court upholds 'public benefit' of JFK disclosure

'On Company Business' takes a close look at the CIA

Help a JFK whistleblower today

ICYMI: A conversation with Howard Willens, Warren Commission defender

H.R. Haldeman: "We would be in a position to get all the facts "

Nixon asked CIA about the 'Who shot John angle'

A closer look at Orville Nix's film

Wanted: more quality JFK news reporting

Did Oswald threaten to kill JFK?

Top CIA officials were 'not truthful' with Warren Commission, former staffer says

Support JFK whistleblowers with Operation Secure Drop

Garrison, Angleton and the CIA

Who else does original reporting on the JFK story?

Top 5 JFK Facts stories of the week: Counterintelligence rules

What "The Sixties" tries hard to overlook

USA Today calls attention to the 'other' JFK assassination film

Support original, credible, fact-based JFK journalism

On JFK records, Archivist Ferriero defers to CIA, ignores public

'... the Oswald case is one of the most disgraceful phenomena'

Frogmen of the Bay of Pigs (and a dubious conspiracy claim)

What's the best JFK song ever?

Fact check: Oswald and CIA counterintelligence

The late John Judge on JFK records

Top 5 JFK Facts stories

Thoughts on the Willens defense of the Warren Commission

Rare photos of JFK's limousine

A British take on November 22

Help find the JFK Most Wanted

JFK Most Wanted: the Church Committee assassination transcripts

Why would the Marine Corps conceal something about JFK?

JFK Facts Top 5 for the month of May

Glomared again: How the NSA stonewalls on FOIA requests

Hear Morley, Lesar and Policoff talk JFK secrecy

What happened at the JFK vigil?

How Oliver Stone prompted Warren Commission staffers to favor full disclosure — 30 years later

2 JFK assassination plots that are often forgotten

Vigil to call for full disclosure on JFK's birthday

'They will try to put the blame on us'

Odd couple: ReelzChannel and Malcolm Gladwell hype a bogus JFK 'theory'

Why Obama's declassification campaign faltered

The politics of White House firings

What does the Cuban intelligence service say about JFK's assassination?

A JFK relic endures

The virtue of Vice

Memorial Day 1963: Standing where he would be buried

What I learned from a new JFK Web site

Got a JFK question? Editor@jfkfacts has answers

ICYMI: The mystery of Oswald's wallet

Secrecy around bin Laden documents inspires mistrust

Top 5 JFK Facts stories: the GIF that keeps giving

JFK Most Wanted: 84 NSA documents related to the assassination

JFK balked at Castro peace feelers, historian says

From the Bay of Pigs to the 'Bay of Tweets'

Court decision spares CIA embarrassment on Capitol Hill and in Havana

'God will have a bit of explaining to do to me if I ever see Him'

CIA was in the loop for Castro peace feelers

Two secret memos about JFK and Cuba

JFK GIF explains: Could Oswald have fired all the shots?

Top 5 JFK stories of the week

'Onward through the fog'

Keep those comments coming (just not all at once)

Toward the decisive clarification of the JFK story in 2014

JFK Most Wanted: the Yuri Nosenko files

ICYMI: 'Lee Harvey Oswald Was a Friend of Miine'

Was JFK going to make peace with Fidel Castro?

What RFK Jr. said about the murder of his uncle

Jackie' pink suit inspires a novel

Focus on the CIA, not George H.W. Bush

Oswald's wallet, Part II: Was the 'Hidell' ID card planted?

Forget it: in Ireland four decades does not end truth pursuit

ISO missing JFK witnesses: flight crew for 'death car'

Fact check: Did the Fed kill JFK?

JFK Facts Top 5: Oswald's wallet fascinates

Harry Truman on the CIA

Help us catch JFK Most Wanted

Geraldo Rivera changed America

JFK Most Wanted: the Bill Harvey file 'How come you won't publish my 9/11 theory?' 'Why do you publish comments from people who are wrong and obnoxious?'

Welcome Coast to Coast AM listeners

Curtis LeMay to JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis

ICYM: the curious case of Oswald's wallet

Washington Post on John Judge

Is the government hiding something about JFK's assassination?

JFK Facts Top 5: Opening Oswald's wallet

Warren Commission wanted to avoid transparency

What's the best recent book about the JFK assassination?

Travels with John Judge (1948-2014)

Who found Oswald’s wallet?

Look for it: Inside Oswald's wallet

DId the CIA destroy an Oswald tape?

Justice Dept. denies CIA officer was honored for JFK cover-up

Coming soon: Inside Oswald's wallet

Did the Office of Naval Intelligence investigate Oswald?

ICYM: Operation Secure Drop

JFK Facts Top 5: Oswald and the theologians

Seeds of doubt: Gaeton Fonzi interviews Arlen Specter in 1966

John Judge passes

RFK Jr. on JFK and the Unspeakable: 'It has made a very big impact on me'

What theologians can tell us about the JFK story

Was JFK going to pull out of Vietnam?

Declassification center deflects calls for opening JFK records

Kennedy was killed by the CIA, says a former agent

ICYM: Modern art as CIA soft power

National Archives solicits comments on the opening of JFK records

JFK Facts Top 5: Comments and recommendations

JFK review board was thwarted on Marines' assessment of Oswald

Back in business!

CIA viewed modern art as a 'weapon' in the Cold War

Best of JFK on Facebook

Site construction in progress

Lost evidence: the original Orville Nix film

The bi-annual comment letter

A reader named Mike writes

ICYM: Online covert operations: how NSA & Co. mount them

Why Cass Sunstein won't go to Dealey Plaza

JFK: hawk or a dove?

Spy chief James Clapper wins Rosemary Award

ICYM: Tim Weiner on the constitutional crisis

Did Mafia bosses admit involvement in JFK's assassination?

How to quell JFK conspiracy theories

JFK Facts Top 5: Stories with legs

Tim Weiner on the CIA and the constitutional crisis

JFK Betrayed: Sunshine Week documentary and discussion about freeing secret JFK files

Sunshine on JFK: Why secrecy around assassination-related records?

AP: Obama has failed on open government promise

Snowfall, not sunshine, on JFK

Sen. Feinstein's learning curve

In memory of Earl Golz

The relevance of the JFK story in the age of mass surveillance

JFK Facts Top 5: Stories about evidence find favor

Support a JFK expert for Sunshine Week

Sunshine Week opens March 14

CIA denials fail to stop JFK records lawsuit

CIA spying on Congress: 'Undercover' officer duped House JFK investigators in '78

The CIA targets Congress. Have we seen this movie before?

Sen. Feinstein claims White House backing in struggle with CIA

Crowdsourcing JFK: Fake Secret Service agents on the grassy knoll?

The life and death of JFK websites

Why Congress caves to the CIA

Comparing Obama and JFK

The Parallax View: a JFK film that gets it right

Would the JFK medical evidence be admissible in a court of law?

Fraudster claims to have viewed rarely-seen JFK medical evidence

JFK Facts Top 5: Readers flock to unanswered NSA questions

U.S. Attorney walks back a JFK story

Did the CIA spy on the U.S. Senate?

Castro predicted Cuba would be blamed for JFK's assassination

Newseum sponsors National Freedom of Information Day

When Vince Salandria met Arlen Specter

Crowdsourcing JFK: Madeleine Brown debunked

Chasing shadows amid the seven veils

Crowdsourcing JFK: DiEugenio on the mysterious David Ferrie

Download the complete 'State Secret' now

James Tague, key JFK assassination witness, dies

Why do so many Americans believe JFK conspiracy theories?

Crowdsourcing JFK: What did Gerald Ford say about the Warren Commission?

Crowdsourcing JFK: The Madeleine Brown story

#HowtoSolveJFKin2014: Sunshine on the CIA

JFK Facts takes on the NSA

Does NSA target JFK websites? (They won't answer the question)

During the missile crisis, Jackie Kennedy refused to leave JFK's side

Pete Bagley, CIA officer who probed JFK case, passes at 88

El último de 'Los Cinco'

The last of the Cuban 5: why Cuba and the U.S. can't make peace

AP chief questions Obama's record on transparency

Beyond Snowden: putting democracy into national security

'Government's lies feed the persistence of conspiracy theories'

Is the Single Bullet Theory ruining your sex life?

ICYM: the CIA and American fiction

The CIA and JFK: a reliable primer

Judge Tunheim on CIA's 'inaccurate representations'

Do you like "The Continuing Inquiry?

ICYM: First Lady and daughter on a sleigh ride

What's the status of the lawsuit against the CIA for JFK records?

Annals of secrecy: At height of missile crisis, Pentagon proposed assassination of Cuban officials

Sixth Floor Museum declines to comment on Groden allegation

An epic non-fiction novel of the CIA

Lawyer charges Sixth Floor Museum instigated prosecution of JFK author

Groden sues Dallas charging 'malicious prosecution' for Dealey Plaza free speech

'Shadow Warfare' coming in March

How the CIA shaped American creative writing

Simkin to close JFK Education Forum, citing obnoxious 'so-called researchers'

Jackie takes Caroline for a sleigh ride

Did Abe Bolden save JFK's life?

Has the public been 'bamboozled' ?

Nobody talked: the FBI burglary of 1971 and the JFK case

Response to Charnin: the grassy knoll probability problem

Mission creep of the secrecy system: Even behind bars, CIA whistleblower faces retaliation

The price of truth: CIA whistleblower behind bars

How we play with JFK

CIA trainer: 'We all know we classify too much'

Is there mathematical proof of a grassy knoll shooter?

Petition to free JFK documents tops 2,800 signatures

Video montage launches new JFK site

Dick Goodwin: 'We know the CIA was involved, and the Mafia. We all know that.'

In JFK's America, Pete Seeger did jail time for his politics

Most viewed JFK Facts stories of the week

Didn't Do It: The Rothschilds

'Reclaiming Parkland': the story behind the flop

Former law professor targets Latell's 'Castro knew it' theory

Alan Dale talks to Peter Dale Scott

Allen Dulles: 'I think this record ought to be destroyed.'

The exorbitant cost of the 'war on terror'

Former CIA official on JFK secrecy: 'You do great harm to the public record'

To preempt a FOIA request, Pentagon destroyed bin Laden death photos

Brent P. Lyons visits JFK's grave site

Bill Kelly on the importance of the Air Force One tapes

Gaeton Fonzi: 'my belief in that government would never be the same'

'If the United States ever experiences [a coup to overthrow the government] it will come from the CIA."

Two items for the JFK agenda in 2014

Belzer in defense of Belzer

Text: 'Toward the decisive clarification of JFK's assassination in 2014'

Cambridge prof: how to think about 'conspiracies and cock-ups'

On the Web: JFK scholars at American University

JFK questions from middle school

Best JFK novels: 'Tears of Autumn'

Is 'Badgeman' for real?

Secret Service expert Vince Palamara visits the White House

Deputy AG: 'I'd almost bet on the anti-Castro Cubans'

Belzer misses the mark with 'Hit List'

Oliver Stone to talk about America's untold history

The welcome mat at JFK Facts

Pete Seeger: remembering a folk music hero (and forgetting the blacklisted communist)

A story from inside the CIA

From Dallas to Beatlemania

Vigil to open files will be held on JFK's birthday in May 2014

CTKA disputes NOVA's 'Cold Case JFK'

Joe Pesci as David Ferrie

Dallas police chief talks about the gunfire that killed JFK

WikiSpooks seeks to rewrite Wikipedia on JFK

'History’s ship is adrift on this issue'

#HowtosolveJFK: Join the Twitter bomb attack on JFK secrecy

RFK aide Frank Mankiewicz: "Some sort of conspiracy"

In 1963, RFK urged lifting of the Cuba travel ban that is still in effect 51 years later

Ex-congressman to CIA: get back to intelligence

Did the CIA track Oswald before JFK was killed?

Archives seek to modernize FOIA (good luck with that)

'Americans for less secrecy, more democracy'

Talking JFK in the online cafe

What did the Washington political elite think of JFK's death?

#HowtoSolveJFKin2014: If the courts don't work....

What caused you to become interested in conspiracy theories?

Ken O'Donnell on grassy knoll shots

Top 5 most popular JFK Facts stories in January

Was Oswald a CIA operative or not?

Who was 'Maurice Bishop?'

Charles De Gaulle: "Cowboys and Indians!"

National security on Facebook

JFK's cousin talks on the 50th anniversary

Jim Garrison conference in Las Vegas

Privatized history: Oswald letter going for $95,000 on Amazon

What has been learned about the JFK story in recent years?

The first of 50 reasons to doubt the JFK story

Gorbachev on JFK

Analyst says JFK medical evidence points to cover-up

In 'State Secret' Simpich solves an Oswald mystery

White House doctor George Burkley on his patient

'The CIA killed Kennedy,' says ex-agent

#HowtoSolveJFKin2014: Go to the Kennedy Center

Friend your friendly NSA

How I learned to stop worrying and love the secrecy system

Celebrating Jim Garrison at UNLV

Otis Pike, who led House CIA inquiry, dies at 92

Where's Jeff?

Obama's transparency policy too weak to force disclosure of 1944 document

#HowtoSolveJFKin2014: engage Cass Sunstein and 'government agents'

Dawn of 1964 had a melancholy feeling and a message

The JFK connection: Why COINTELPRO still matters

#HowtoSolveJFKin 2014: stage a 'civil obedience' vigil for full disclosure

'Dallas 1963:' ripe for an assassination but not to blame

Readers defend DiEugenio, shred Shenon

At the Kennedy Center: 'You turn that camera on, you're going to get locked up'

DiEugenio on the state of the JFK case

Jan. 3, 1967: Jack Ruby, killer of JFK’s assassin, dies just weeks before second trial

Jackie Kennedy in Pakistan

#HowtoSolveJFKin2014: Declassify the RFK papers now