Sitemap - 2018 - JFK Facts

Angleton: The role of a 'master bureaucratic operator' in the JFK story

Now is a good time to lay to rest the JFK conspiracy theories about George Bush

The Watergate burglar and a CIA operation to deflect Cuba's allegations about JFK's assassination

Was Yuri Nosenko a KGB mole?

Why does the JFK assassination matter in 2018?

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Victor Marchetti, disillusioned CIA officer who challenged secrecy rules, dies at 88

Coming soon: Blakey v. Willens JFK debate at the Sixth Floor Museum

Ted Cruz throws his father under the Trump bus and gets on board

Bobby Kennedy for President, according to Netflix

JFK's widow married Aristotle Onassis 50 years ago

Art inspired by the CIA and JFK: 'GEORGE JOAN NIDES 1'

Connecting the dots in the Met Breuer's show about conspiracy theories

'there are numerous indications that Oswald was being used in counter-intelligence operations.

Breaking a promise, Trump blocked the release of JFK files a year ago

Lou Berney on 'November Road'

Kerry has 'serious doubts' about lone gunman theory

Reader's Digest has twelve JFK questions, and they're pretty good

What Gen. MacArthur told JFK about Vietnam

RIP David Wise, CIA expert who exposed ‘invisible government'

Anticipation is high for Lou Berney’s novel ‘November Road’

Sen. Richard Russell, the first dissenter

Today’s political turmoil can be traced to Kennedy assassination

JFK Secret Service Agent Clint Hill to receive North Dakota's Rough Rider Award | News | The Mighty 790 KFGO

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The busboy who tried to help a wounded Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 dies

JFK fictionalized: 'November Road' goes through New Orleans

'Fear and loathing' began in Dallas

Silence like a cancer grows

How Jack Ruby got away with murder

'Concerning the Facts and Consequences of the Tragic Death of President John F. Kennedy'

What happened when Oswald was arrested?

A trip through history in Dallas

In his last decision before his Supreme Court nomination, Brett Kavanaugh sided with the CIA

What a senior KGB officer said about Lee Harvey Oswald

Sept. 27, 1963: Oswald arrives in Mexico City

The Sixth Floor Museum to hold assassination debate on October 29

Art and conspiracy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The political movie that JFK wanted Hollywood to make

June 11, 1963: Kennedy emerges on civil rights

'I'm a patsy': The George de Mohrenschildt story

What was extraordinary about JFK's plan for U.S.-Soviet moon flight

Did JFK propose a joint U.S.-Soviet flight to the moon?

FBI suspected leftist magazine was a foreign agent when it accurately reported on the CIA

Bill O'Reilly made up a JFK story. He got busted by an old tape recording

Angleton today: Smoke, mirrors, and mass surveillance

Kavanaugh's judicial activism on display

Cuban said his friend was a Dealey Plaza gunman; CIA has files on source of the story

Did Castro figure out the JFK case in just five days?

The trouble with recreation of the speech JFK never gave

New files reveal the CIA spied on JFK researchers in 1995

General Fabian Escalante: U.S. government withholds JFK records that undoubtedly prove a plot

The perils of the court historian in the JFK era

Wanted: Lawyers to take on Brett Kavanaugh

Appeal filed on Brett Kavanaugh's anti-FOIA decision

New JFK audio tape: what forensic science reveals

Taylor and Joint Chiefs discussed possibility of a plot to overthrow the U.S. government

Did Gen. Maxwell Taylor take a nap after JFK was killed?

The U.S. military on November 22: 'The atmosphere around the Pentagon was so heated that day ...'

90 percent of new JFK files are online at MFF

How the CIA coopted the leaders of the Mexican government

How did Gen. Maxwell Taylor, JCS chairman, react to the death of JFK?

QAnon is a psychedelic mushroom growing in the fertile manure of the Warren Commission

'Creating Chaos': covert political warfare from Truman to Putin

My conversation with John Greenewald of the Black Vault

Doug Horne responds to Jeremy Gunn's 50th anniversary speech

From July 26 to November 22 to today

Jeremy Gunn on seeking the truth in the JFK story

Jackie Kennedy’s packing list for Texas, chic and poignant

What is the most revealing new JFK document you have found?

FBI file reveals some of the secrets of Howard Hunt’s White House safe

Comparing the Zapruder and Nix films

Irish Examiner on The Ghost

'Judge Henderson’s well-reasoned dissent in this case puts me at odds with Kavanaugh'

Judge Karen Henderson dissents from Brett Kavanaugh's decision favoring CIA

My day in court with Judge Kavanaugh: the subject was JFK files

Reporter's tape exposes Bill O'Reilly's big JFK fib

Oswald appeared to be ‘guided by others’

The BBC talks to three Warren Commission investigators

David Kaiser on 'the new global aristocracy'

The trouble with Nicholas Nalli's paper on "Gunshot-wound dynamics model' for JFK assassination

24) The man who asked too many JFK questions

The day JFK belatedly set the Civil Rights Act in motion

What can Microsoft teach us about the JFK story?

RFK's fateful day in Los Angeles and the distrust of the liberals | TheHill

Bobby Kennedy and the promise of rebirth

Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son RFK Jr. doesn't believe it was Sirhan Sirhan

A promise broken on JFK files release

Kennedy family believes CIA killed JFK, says RFK Jr. in new book

Whitewash: JFK's assassination in African-American eyes

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu receives JFK Profile in Courage

How the CIA protected a Watergate burglar

How JFK sought to end the Cold War: with science

What the curious case of Richard Gibson tells us about Lee Harvey Oswald

How the Black Vault advances JFK research

What do intellectuals and spies have in common?

CIA outs a living literary spy in the new JFK files

Mystery solved: Gunnar Beckman, the Mexico City covert operator

The JFK Facts Pattern: 29 True Stories

A new clue about the CIA's Mexico City operations

Who was running CIA covert operations in Mexico City in 1963?

JFK files reveal US biological warfare plans against Cuba

New JFK files illuminate CIA penetration of Miami Herald

Some positive attributes of the extension of the JFK Act

Summers vs. Hitchens on JFK

How the still-secret JFK files provide clues to the crime

The Mary Ferrell Foundation breaks down the new JFK files

New JFK documents fill in some blanks and leave many others

Trump boasted he'd open all JFK files, but now says he can't

In latest JFK files, Angleton and stuff that makes you go 'huh?'

CIA man David Phillips as you've never seen him

Why did Trump delay full release of some JFK assassination files until 2021?

'Reasonable doubt': Kennedy assassin 'acquitted' in mock Weymouth High trial

The JFK story according to seven U.S. presidents

Did the National Archivist cave to CIA secrecy too?

Trump caves to CIA on JFK files secrecy

JFK researchers doubt Trump will free the files today

Will Trump release all of the JFK files tomorrow?

The CIA is still protecting its spy who shadowed Martin Luther King

What will Trump do about the JFK files this week?

JFK documents illuminate the death of a diplomat who asked too many questions about Oswald

Is Trump going to release the JFK files?

Do you think Trump will free the JFK files next week?

Will Trump release the JFK files next week?

Will Trump release the JFK files a week from today?

Is the CIA's chief historian obstructing justice in the JFK case?

Will Trump release the JFK files on April 26?

Rigged triangulation: Oswald, Kostikov, and AMLASH

Will President Trump release all the JFK files on April 26?

JFK Files Watch: Is Trump really too weak to release the JFK files?

JFK Files Watch: Will the White House enforce the law?

JFK Files Watch: White House is reviewing Archivist's secrecy recommendations

How CIA surveillance tracked Oswald on his way to Dallas

White House petition for full JFK disclosure

JFK Files Watch: Trump set a high bar for full disclosure

What is Morley v CIA about?

JFK Files Watch: Will Gina Haspel destroy assassination records like she destroyed torture tapes?

JFK Files Watch: Will Trump enforce the law?

JFK Files Watch: With 22 days to go, these key files remain secret

RFK on MLK: 'wisdom through the awful grace of God'

JFK Files Watch: With 23 days to go, Trump and CIA face a dilemma

FLASH CANCELLED response: FBI wasn't interested in Oswald

The JFK story is soooo complicated

Why was Oswald's name taken off the FBI's watch list?

FBI wide shut: One key JFK file that remains redacted

FLASH CANCELLED: What one of the last JFK files will tell us about Oswald

JFK encouraged the making of a movie about a military coup

'May fortune smile on your exercise in responsible citizenship!'

15-year lawsuit over mysterious CIA agent drags as last of JFK files awaits release

After 15 years, my day in court with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the CIA

Q. 'Can I come to hear the oral arguments in Morley v. CIA?'

CIA's 'inaccurate representations' blocked release of key JFK files, investigators say

RIP: Michael Paine, debated politics with Lee Harvey Oswald

Former chief JFK investigator on CIA obstruction

What is Morley v. CIA?

"The air ... is pungently fragrant with protest, agitation, and citizen pushback..."

'Waco' producers developing a Dorothy Kilgallen project

Will new CIA director Gina Haspel take a tougher line on JFK files?

CIA to argue JFK lawsuit disclosures have no 'public benefit'

4 ways to fix the JFK files mess

Roger Stone's valid JFK point: CIA is not complying with the law

The surveillants: more U.S. intelligence officers who watched Oswald

'You can make an iron-clad argument that the CIA knew very much about Oswald'

Crux of the JFK issue: conspiracy or gross negligence?

Later this month, Trump will decide on release of 23,000 secret JFK files

Who you going to believe on JFK?

'People went shopping and there wasn't a sound'

Spy vs. Spy: Soviet defector Yuri Nosenko confronted CIA accuser James Angleton

What Politico doesn't know about the JFK files

JFK Facts site upgrade coming this week

Data glitches mar the coming JFK file release

If Trump is serious about the last of the JFK files, he will release this one

The documentation that Oswald was under surveillance

Federal judges to hear JFK files case on March 19

Gayle Nix Jackson to talk about her grandfather's JFK film

The CIA & JFK on your Kindle

You'll want to read this

What's in Cuba's JFK files?

Do JFK secrets lie abroad?

The legacy of James Angleton, godfather of mass surveillance

'Denied in Full': JFK investigator identifies a key missing CIA file that remains secret

What the last of JFK assassination files will show us

The untold story of James Angleton

Oswald lived in a surveillance state

Oswald under surveillance: the last JFK secret

The revelations of 'CIA & JFK'

From the Black Vault: a note on getting good JFK data

Correction: the number of secret JFK files may be less than previously reported

'We should not all be painted with the same brush'

Q. How many JFK files are still secret? A. More than 3,000

I'll be in federal court on March 19 talking about key missing JFK files

After Oswald was shot, Dallas police blocked Secret Service agent from talking to him

What Trump and the CIA are still concealing: the George Joannides files

Stansfield Turner RIP: CIA director who tried to clean up after Angleton

Four key JFK files that are still censored

A comment on Angleton and Oswald

Was Angleton culpable in JFK's assassination?

'Does this not make LHO a CIA asset?'

Oswald and the Fair Play for Cuba Committee

A conversation about espionage and counterintelligence

How the CIA tracked Oswald

The Age on James Jesus Angleton

Today only: discount ebook edition of 'The Ghost'

ZR-RIFLE and the assassination of JFK

One day discount deal on Kindle edition of 'The Ghost'

Was James Angleton a KGB mole?