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Perception management: public relations and the JFK story

New York Times publishes an erroneous letter about the JFK medical evidence by a libelous reporter

Another JFK motorcade reconstruction and the limits of forensic evidence

Mapping JFK's motorcade

Raven Rock and the presidential succession of 1963

I was a middle-aged JFK lone-nutter (briefly)

Talking About Angleton, Philby, Oswald, and Israel

I Explain the JFK Story to Canadian TV

JFK: "A citizens movement that speaks up for historical truth"

Fetzer Loses Sandy Hook Defamation Case

RIP: Dr. Robert McClelland, the most important JFK witness

Inside the CIA, JFK suspicions turned to James Angleton

Seven Years Ago, We Launched a Blog Called JFK Facts. These Are 29 New Facts We Found

29) RIP Rep Walter Jones, Congressman who sought full JFK disclosure

28) After Trump's broken promise, 15,834 JFK files remain secret

27) Medal for stonewalling: one JFK secret the CIA plans to keep

25) Anatomy of a cover-up: G. Robert Blakey on how the CIA stonewalled the HSCA

7) What counterintelligence officer Jane Roman Said

5) ▶ Listen: Oswald talks about Cuba; CIA assets amplify his message.

2) WATCH: 'Oswald was known to a dozen senior CIA officials'

1) Birch O'Neal: the CIA's unknown Oswald expert

Morley v. CIA Before the Supreme Court

My petition to the Supreme Court on JFK files

A note on George H.W. Bush and the JFK story

A Joint Statement on the Kennedy, King and Malcolm X Assassinations and Ongoing Cover-ups

Ask Nancy Pelosi: Call for Congress to Reopen Assassination Probes

Petition Congress to reopen the assassination investigations

RIP: Harris Wofford, Aide to Kennedy and King

Who are the signatories of the MLK-RFK-JFK letter?

About #MLK #RFK #JFK

Coming Soon: A Big MLK/JFK Development