Well done. Jeff!

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would like to hear a speaker rebut Bugliosi book

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would like to hear a speaker rebut Bugliosi book

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Jeff great stuff again as usual. Most interesting is your catalog of recent discoveries allowed by released documents proves Walter Herbst efforts in explaining the JKF murder identifying anti communist in the military, CIA and among U.S. politicians as what led up to the assassination after decades falls short.

I listened tonight and ~ 3:41 you presentation started hitting home with me. Really, I think ,some of your best work.

I would like you consider a couple of things. First go back an listen again to your own words. "Joannidies . . .stonewalled . . ." He was the case officer. Your 5 revelations.

If the purpose of the assassination was anger the public enough to accept an invasion of Cuba, why no invasion?

The CIA turned to complete secrecy on the case. Why? No invasion maybe? At this point the entire ruse of getting the U.S. citizenry fired up to invade Cuba fails. Your description of the CIA explanation as " . . simple, unhinged and based on false hoods . ." Which it is. In addition you make the valid point of no explanation of the CIA role.

I see a very distinct possibility that this entire Angleton driven exercise was to cover something up. His involvement with aiding Israels nuclear weapons programs.

I agree with everything you presented here, it makes perfect sense I believe when viewed in the context I lay out here and in my other comments at SS.

Angleton seems to be the one entity who had gotten himself seriously hung out but why. I will not delve into the comments I have made here earlier about nuclear proliferation. I don't know that it would serve any point.

Instead I will point out the JJA was, as head of counter intelligence, the prime mover, or directing the watch of Oswald. Activities handled by a select few of his most talented trusted aides, all official CIA.

Ask yourself who else had total access to "motive", "opportunity", and "means", to keep this plan top secret, even from so many of those he worked with. Who had a stronger motive than JJA? Who had most power to control opportunity? Who had the authority to directly influence the means to select only those he knew would be "all in" and keep the secrets?

I do not see where either the military leaders, or the Cubans, both groups who enjoyed visceral satisfaction from this obscene killing, benefited more than the one person who did. In my opinion, at least until the end of his wasted life. The head of counter intelligence who never caught a spy. Who benefited the most, who had the most to gain from a "Murder Most Foul ". Far and away it was James Jesus Angleton. The man who I honestly believe gave away secrets and materials not his to gift or divulge.

If JFK had lived Angleton would have eventually been found out. Angleton knew this, the result was JFK had to go and so did his brother. This makes the most sense to me and I'll be honest I'm not sure why the concept is so difficult to grasp. The counter intelligence guru outwitted himself.

We cannot ask questions, the truthful answers of which, scare us too much to consider those truthful answers.

When John and Robert Kennedy started to pressure AIPAC, a separate issue from non-proliferation at the time, a very serious conflict was in the making. If JFK had lived until 1967 (see John Hadden discovery in Israel) JFK and RFK would have gotten to the bottom of how those Portsmouth NH SNM got to Israel. USAEC and CIA had their finger prints all over it. I cannot fathom the idea of the actions of John and Robert Kennedy escaped the ever vigilant James Jesus Angleton. CIA got involved with stonewalling investigations at USAEC and NUMEC.

I realize the current political - social upheaval the country is embroiled in currently is very serious stuff but no justice will come of it. Pushing this agenda has its draw backs, however it is what it is.

You and your investigators Herculean efforts you can prove that before one enters into a unbelievably complicated plan to kill a U.S. president one should be damned sure the plan is bullet proof. The Oswald "Patsy" plan was not. This fact is apparent. And it ended getting JJA into a serious jam.

When Robert and John Kennedy started to pressure AIPAC their days were numbered, one way or the other. The information is readily available at https://www.israellobby.org/AZCDOJ/default.asp and details the efforts from both sides of the issue from 08/27/1962 to 10/17/1963.

Thanks Jeff with the utmost respect for your SS crew.

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