It took a while for me to get through this one. Mr. Wolff seem like a hard man to interview. I think it would good to get ahold of him and have him confirm the things Mark Shaw has had he's attested to. This is from Shaw's website:

"According to two exclusive interviews with Morris Wolff, the highly respected

legislative assistant to Senator John Sherman Cooper, a member of the

Warren Commission and called by Jackie Kennedy “a man of great


” the members knew they were deceiving millions of Americans who

believed they could trust them to reveal the truth. Instead, betrayal of that

truth was the call of the day as noted in this author’s most recent book,

Fighting for Justice and a second interview on August 19, 2023 with Mr. Wolff

(transcript available), who actually rode with Cooper to the commission

hearings and watched the proceedings.

The shocking revelations, ones that expose the inner workings of the

commission for the first time, include the following firsthand accounts

by Mr. Wolff regarding conversations with Sen. Cooper:

• “They [the commission members] already know about the Jack

Ruby connection to organized crime, but they don’t want to touch


• “It’s more than Oswald but Hoover and [Chief Justice] Earl

Warren keep pushing the ‘Oswald Alone’ conclusion.”

• “Our new President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, now wants to cover up and move on.”

Mr. Wolff did not touch on much of this very deeply here, and he confessed total ignorance that Russell prepared a dissent. I'm not sure if he was just too unfocused here or what, but there's inconsistency. Shaw also says he has a full interview transcript but I can only find that summary on his website.

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At about 3:15 of this interview, Morris Wolff says "...And then by God's will, I got off the plane in Africa that warm day in August of '61 and who was walking toward me but Patrice Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah." But how can that be since Lumumba was assassinated on Jan. 17, 1961?

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Man I like hearing these direct participants. You really get a flavor for what went down during actions immediately following the assassination. This guy is closer to my own personal view than the last, but both interviews fascinate me. I could listen to both guys for another hour.

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