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I enjoyed this conversation immensely. I have a suggestion about a Democrat you guys should consider approaching to get some bi-partisan backing: long-time House Rep Shelia Jackson-Lee D-Houston.

Jackson-Lee has been representing Barbara Jordan’s old district which became Mickey Leland’s — a person very much in the mold of JFK. A charismatic leader with a broad vision who died in his prime. Leland and 15 others were killed in “just one of those strange plane crashes” in Africa. Jackson-Lee is featured in a 2017 documentary on Leland.

Maybe your efforts would be of interest to Jackson-Lee as winning this battle over the JFK document release might also throw much needed light on “other assassinations and deaths” of interest to her constituents.

[I was in her district for many years. Oddly we moved our family a few years back to a very different part of town, but when TX redrew districts we found ourselves one again represented by her!]

Perhaps most interestingly, Lee has recently thrown her hat into the ring for the (theoretically non-partisan) office of Houston mayor. Lee may be well placed to act as a maverick within her own party on an appealingly bi-partisan issue. Nice legacy issue a la both Jordan and Leland.

(If this suggestion interests JFK FACTS, I’d be happy to help.)

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