General Curtis LeMay supervised the autopsy of JFK. LeMay viewed Kennedy as a traitor because he refused to order a first strike nuclear launch against Cuba and Russia. I’ve seen those real photos with the rear head wound.

LeMay was George Wallace’s running mate for President. Wallace’s Chief of Staff was NSA staffer Alvin Stanton.

Wallace was a personal friend of mine whom I convinced to continue clean from his racist past to be elected Governor again in early 1982. Barry Seal Carlos Marcelo’s pilot flew the Grassy Knoll Shooter to Dallas that morning.

Henry Luce bought the film to keep it from the Public and promote the Montgomery China Lobby which included George H.W. Bush, Luce, Gerald Wallace, Tine Davis and others.

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I wonder how long before Posner and his benefactors start questioning the bona fides of these 7 professionals.

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The good Doctor is a hero in every sense of the word.

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My wife and I were very impressed by this documentary. I was unaware that seven of the ER doctors were brought together 10 years ago to exchange their views on camera. Very compelling stuff.

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Just watched it.

All I can say is


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I really enjoyed watching this documentary. However, I think it strayed from its premise and left meat on the bone.

Isn’t there more analysis about the medical evidence? I thought there have been other researchers who found traces of bullet fragments which indicated trajectory, weight of the brain and more information about intimidating the doctors.

Anyhow, I still liked it.

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