One thing I've noticed among those who support the Warren Commission is they are in one way, or another tied to the Establishment. Supporting the Official Story is to be considered socially acceptable among mainstream society, but there is another reason as well. It's done more for career success and protecting one's professional reputation. Even prominent "progressives" such as Phillip Shenon, Michael Isikoff, David Corn, and Noam Chomsky unquestioningly back the "Lone Nut" myth. They know that openly challenging the Government's story could cost them their position and lose access to publishers, the media, political influencers, speaking engagements, and the grants they so desperately need to survive.

Its not about politics, its more about having access to power.

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The polls show that more Republicans than Democrats disbeleive the Warren/MSM theory of the lone nut.

This may be Republicans being distrustful of centralized government, as they are. It may also reflect that most gun owners and hunters vote Republican.

Whenever I am asked why I think shots were fired from the front, I assume my audience has no knowledge of forensic medicine or accoustics. But they have all seen the Z film. Hunters know that game does not move in the direction of the shooter. Z 313 and its sequence make it clear to anyone familiar with firearms and/or hunting that a frontal shot caused that wound.

Thank God for the Republicans. They may screw up (they often do), but sometimes it's good to have someone along who knows bulls from bullshit.

And, Gerald Ford, stop moving entrance wounds to suit your theory. A T-2 back wound does not exit above the knot of a necktie. A cowlick entrance wound would blow out the face of the victim.

The medical evidence is a sham, and any honest physician will tell you so.

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I often say that Americans are the most propagandized people on earth, and people think I'm nuts. The linked article does a great job proving my point.

"[T]he NBC network, like its media peers, has provided through the years relatively little of substance regarding the apparent cover-up of important JFK evidence . . . . The American people . . . have never truly had a chance to decide . . . . From the beginning, elites in government and the media have been making that decision behind closed doors, often via CIA-implemented propaganda techniques aimed at U.S. audiences and supposedly forbidden under the agency's 1948 enabling legislation. . . . The CIA program in cooperation with up to 40 leading newspapers, broadcast networks, national magazines and major wire services was identified as Operation Mockingbird by investigative reporter and author Deborah Davis. Katharine Graham's own memoir Personal History describes how she and her husband [publisher of the Washington Post] used to dine on a weekly basis with the leader of the CIA program, Frank Wisner and his wife, Polly Wisner." (Dining with Goebbels. Jeezus.)


The linked poll shows that despite the massive propaganda and censorship program designed to support the Warren Report in the mainstream media and to ridicule its critics, most people still don't believe it. Republicans and independents are even less likely to believe the Lone Nut narrative than are Democrats.

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