Hear, hear, mister Connor. "Bullshit", has been called.

I happen to believe Mr.Landis, a man his age has had his time alone with his thoughts and decided to come clean, opening himself to brutal controversy. His action takes courage. It is what it is.

Trolls gonna troll and haters gonna hate. Mr. Landis volunteered an effort to be part of the solution to this little problem and government brought upon itself.

Thanks to Mr. Landis for stepping up.

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I agree that extraordinary claims require irreproachable evidence.

And I believe this sound statement dovetails perfectly with the absurdity of the Magic Bullet Theory.

A bullet that supposedly traversed two human bodies, and exacted terrible wounds to both victims.

Yet was found largely unscathed.

It just doesn’t happen that way.

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Dolly, seriously. You are going there, the "rude and vulgar "route.

Especially after claiming this book might be only for a "payday".

We all are entitled to our opinions and in my opinion your "payday" comment opened you up for criticism. In your second post here you end with , "Please do not reply further.", I will speak and write as freely as I like. All things in life do not work as you think they should. My dear I'm afraid you may have stepped into El Toro heces fecales. Regardless your shit is week! I mean weak!

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In the first article I read-he apparently stated that he found the bullet lodged in the back of the rear car seat.

He took this and placed it on Governor Connolly’s stretcher -of his own volition. He hypothesises that it must have fallen onto the Presidents stretcher when the stretchers were ‘pushed together’.

Were the stretchers ‘pushed together’?

That contradicts emergency room practice- that stretchers should have 360 degree access for emergency responders at all times.

I will certainly read his book in full- although the small clips I’ve read so far strike me as unsound.

I suspect it could simply be someone pushing a new book for a payday-

or because I distrust so many sources regarding the assassination-

these muddled sounding claims might discredit the excellent work done over the years by researchers. (could this be the intent?)

Extraordinary claims require irreproachable evidence.

We must be wary of supporting claims simply because we wish them to be true.

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Just listen to the Dictabelt recording; what I hear are powerful shots, not some mail order junk rifle's shots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hsmgjOAPCQ

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