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The biography of Lee Harvey Oswald in 4:16

'The power of this secret world': Bob Woodward links JFK cover-up to NSA abuses

Judge who curbed the NSA will decide on my JFK records lawsuit

Dec. 17, 1963: Mark Lane for the defense

New Yorker writer on the official JFK story: 'It beggars belief'

What about 9/11 conspiracy theories?

Another voice for full JFK disclosure

What did Fidel Castro think about JFK's assassination?

The Joannides story explained: 'We have not had a proper investigation'

Was JFK going to pull out of Vietnam?

Lawsuit seeks to unlock CIA’s secret history of Bay of Pigs

From the new RFK files, questions and condolences after Dallas

Open The Government picks up on call for JFK disclosure

National Security Archive blog endorses call for full disclosure of JFK files

Why JFK was hated: his embrace of Third World nationalists

Did JFK try to rein in the CIA after Mandela's arrest?

Oliver Stone wraps up '50 Reasons for 50 Years'

What James Swanson misses about the JFK story

When JFK met Superman

In defense of the National Archives

Top 5 JFK Facts stories of the week

National Archives repeats CIA talking points on secret JFK files

JFK Library releases long-secret RFK files

A history professor's letter to The Economist

Bowing to CIA, National Archives won't review secret JFK records

Against conspiracy

'A President Betrayed' explores JFK's peace policies

Fox News asks JFK questions the other networks avoid

CSPAN airs Wecht Institute's JFK conference

What’s in the CIA’s secret JFK files?

The appeal of JFK Facts

'It sounded like different directions'

Tunheim: no 'real evidence' of a conspiracy

Where was Gen. Curtis LeMay on Nov. 22, 1963?

Nov. 27, 1963: Johnson invokes JFK in speech to Congress

X-Men can't save JFK

One-man vigil calls for full JFK disclosure

Citing CIA 'treachery,' federal judge calls for release of secret JFK files.

Nov. 26, 1963: A conspiracy allegation from Mexico City

Talking Points Memo editor underscores 'undying JFK suspicions'

Hot air about 'new JFK motorcade footage'

Nov. 25 1963: After the funeral, Washington's response firms up

Nov. 24, 1963: Jack Ruby kills Oswald. Why?

His brother's keeper: RFK immediately suspected a plot

Nov. 23, 1963, 6 pm: 'This is not my picture'

Nov. 23 1963: The first JFK conspiracy theory, paid for by a CIA officer

Nov. 23, 1963, 10:30 am: 'I didn't shoot John Kennedy'

To honor the memory of JFK

JFK at 50: a ceremony not sad enough

'What was going through my mind was that shot was coming right over the top of our heads'

A ritual of forgetting in Dealey Plaza

Columnist endorses the call for JFK records release

RFK Jr. on JFK's legacy

Gary Hart on JFK: 'American journalism never followed up'

The CIA's Oswald claim 'has been exposed as a lie'

White House asked about JFK Facts report on secret JFK files

Physician talks about what he saw at Parkland Hospital

The Unspeakable in Dallas

14 conspiracy movies inspired by Dallas

How the stupid JFK conspiracy debate misleads us

A JFK conversation with KPFA's Project Censored

Fact check: 'Parkland' director overlooks JFK secrecy

Shenon to talk about the secret history of the Kennedy assassination

CNN picks up on JFK Facts reporting -- and the CIA responds

How Obama will observe the 50th anniversary

The best and the brightest of the Warren Commission

Boring Baby Boomer obsession

JFK denialism limits PBS's Cold Case

Ronnie Dugger's message to Obama

Kerry calls for opening JFK files

Click here to let Obama know what you think about secret JFK files

The single bullet theory and the perils of JFK denialism

Fox News on a Dallas travesty

How to figure out who killed JFK

Rex Bradford to talk about JFK in Portsmouth

Summers' question for the New Yorker

Counsel for the JFK review board found 'many things that were disturbing'

Fact check: historian Ragone errs on grassy knoll testimony

My evening with Geraldo

How Kerry can clarify the JFK conspiracy issue

'Dr. Finck ... looked for his notes and could not find them anywhere'

Audio engineer on the trail of a missing JFK tape from 50 years ago

Long-lost Air Force One tape recalls the day JFK was killed

The events of 1963

Fox News to air federal prosecutor's JFK analysis

How CIA talking points on JFK still echo in the New Yorker

A tough question for Oliver Stone

'He had run an agent into the USSR ...'

JFK's death haunted the Secret Service

A new play about Jack Ruby to open off-Broadway

Obama arrives in Dallas

Talbot: 'We’ll never know' has become a self-fulfilling prophecy

JFK was 'fighting with the military on all fronts"

Get the JFK story on your smartphone

How TV will cover the JFK anniversary

Another downloadable chapter of Simpich's 'State Secret'

The best and worst of JFK journalism

Was JFK a conservative?

Reelz Channel to air discredited JFK theory

Historian needs to catch up on JFK scholarship

On JFK's foreign policy: Douglas Horne v. Robert Dallek

Gladwell's JFK theory revisited

Write in support of full disclosure for JFK

JFK edited (or the importance of cutting the crap)

Panel to highlight national security implications of JFK assassination

Oliver Stone at the Newseum

November 22, 1963: the Air Force One flight back from Dallas

'4 Files The CIA Must Make Public'

Anthony Summers: 'The absence of decent reporting on the facts of the case... shocked me'

What the New York Times doesn't get about JFK and Vietnam

Eustace Tilley's JFK assassination theory

Shenon to NPR: 'The destruction of evidence begins within hours of the president's death'

What we still don't know

Former New York Times reporter highlights CIA surveillance of Oswald

Fact check: CBS News' JFK revelation is actually seven years old

What we still don’t know about JFK’s assassination

JFK's physician: '...others besides Oswald must have participated'

Sabato: We cannot rule out a conspiracy to kill JFK

Panel to highlight national security and death of JFK

Let's crowdsource Yahoo News on a key JFK question

Michigan lecture series examines JFK story

Graphic adaptation kickstarts theologian James Douglass's JFK story

JFK on your iPhone

Philadelphia exhibit puts visitors in JFK's limousine seat

JFK Duquense: 'a great conference'

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History Channel poll finds 'shockingly high' belief in a JFK conspiracy

Annals of denial: a revealing rant about 'JFK porn'

More weirdness in Dallas: the right to bear arms in Dealey Plaza

Was there a Cuban gunman in Dealey Plaza?

Weirdness in Dallas: JFK shooting victim not welcome at 50th anniversary ceremony

Interview with Ed Epstein

CIA teams were watching Oswald in 1961, two years before JFK was killed

Mellen defends Jim Garrison

Who first asked if the CIA was involved in JFK's assassination?

Doctor's story rivets JFK conference

That new study questioning the JFK acoustics evidence

Was Oswald impersonated before JFK was killed?

Warhol show on JFK opens this week

What JFK researchers need to do

Ford Museum exhibits JFK's limo

Is there an audio recording of the JFK assassination?

Sabato’s JFK book takes aim at the 'acoustics evidence'

Swift Boater embraces Oliver Stone on JFK

The Obama-JFK parallel in foreign policy

Talking about Sabato's 'The Kennedy Half Century'

What does Obama think of the JFK controversy?

From a reader

Denial on display: George Will downplays importance of JFK's assassination

The lineup for the JFK conference in Pittsburgh

What Jim Lehrer should know

A reporter's take on Oswald

'Parkland' struggles to find an audience

Abraham Zapruder as the director of American history

What's the best single book about JFK's assassination?

Edward J. Epstein on the origins of JFK denialism

Robert Dallek, denial, and JFK assassination story

'Parkland's' point of view

Why 'Parkland' annoys

Comments commentary

Its official: government shutdown shutters the CIA

Talking about 'The Kennedy Half Century'

Tips for writing a JFK term paper

7 social media moves you can make to support JFK accountability

How George H.W. Bush collaborated with the CIA

4 CIA officers who made a lethal mistake about Lee Harvey Oswald

Unicorn in Dealey Plaza

Duquesne conference to examine failure of JFK media coverage

What LBJ and 'Breaking Bad' have in common

5 reasons why the JFK murder mystery can be solved

My 10th JFK declaration: on Angleton's obstruction of justice

Don DeLillo has a JFK question

How to resolve the contradictions in the JFK medical evidence

JFK doctor explains: 'It was not just a single shooter'

Warhol's JFK vision goes on display in Savannah

Court curbs CIA misuse of a FOIA exemption

Online course teaches JFK story

Did Dallas do it?

JFK doctor's views may stir 'Parkland' debate

Daily Caller spoofs Chris Matthews's JFK preoccupation

Swift-Boater takes on JFK

Score one for Oliver Stone

Crowdsourcing the AP story on JFK files

Declassifying JFK: a judge's view

Help wanted: crowdsourcing JFK

JFK as a Rorshach test

'The Bystander Theory' offers an indie take on JFK

Helen Thomas recalls ‘inspired’ JFK

In Syria, lessons of the Cuban missile crisis

Sabato ventures where pundits fear to tread

Who is 'the problem' when it comes to JFK?

Readers respond to 'My three JFK theories'

'Parkland's' Peter Landesman talks about tackling JFK's assassination

U.S. blocks Oswald's friend from attending a JFK conference

My three JFK theories

Anti-conspiracists endorse JFK disclosure

35 years ago, Congress reopened the JFK investigation

Fear of JFK transparency provokes another attack

'Parkland' gets panned in Venice

The drums of conspiracy and the fear of transparency

The Vancover Sun cuts to the chase

The 'drums of conspiracy'

How do you pursue the truth about JFK?

For those who think Washington can't keep a secret

A reader's defense of Black Op Radio

C-SPAN to air 'telling story' from Oswald's co-worker

Len Osanic weighs in on McAdams and JFK Facts

Lisa Pease reads me the Riot Act on John McAdams

King's speech attracted FBI spying

Why do I recommend John McAdams's website?

JFK and satire

Spoiler alert: HuffPo piece on FOIA was satire

Washington shocker: FOIA now classified

Breaking news: a JFK assassination book that is short

The JFK Review of Books

CIA shutters the office that declassifies historical materials

Tom Hanks and the 'modified limited hangout' of 'Parkland'

A sign that JFK journalism doesn't have to be stupid

From Iran 1953 to Dallas 1963

April 1963: Oswald in New Orleans

AP story on the CIA's JFK files gets picked up all over

AP exposes sealed JFK assassination files

'A charismatic president lives on'

Dallas citizens plan JFK day of service

One Oswald mystery apparently solved

Bill Arkin's 'American Coup'

Mark Lane to JFK skeptics: chill out

Exchange on the 'Bush did it' theory

What a glimpse of Tom Hanks's 'Parkland' reveals

Wounded in JFK attack, bystander to history revisits the crime

The Post, Amazon, and the CIA

The limits of science: NOVA looks at JFK as a 'cold case'

Horne details JFK's 'war against the national security establishment'

Santa Barbara conference highlights JFK as 'national security event'

Duquesne University to sponsor JFK forum

CIA kept RFK apprised of Castro assassination plotting

JFK author James Douglass speaks in Alabama tonight

Group recruits CIA whistleblowers with a JFK message

JFK conference at Duquesne University in October

The anti-conspiracy conspiracy in Dallas

Le Carre on the CIA, the KGB, and you

How the CIA enlisted the Mafia to kill Castro

What is the CIA is still hiding about JFK's assassination?

D magazine touts JFK Lancer conference

After lawsuit, U.S. archivist agrees to open additional RFK files

How Dallas will screen Dealey Plaza visitors for JFK tribute

Duquesne University to sponsor JFK conference

NRA denies licensing a JFK commemorative rifle

Assassination as civic PR

National Archives sued over sealed RFK records at JFK Library

Its a wrap! NatGeo finishes filming ‘Killing Kennedy’

Ending a journalistic taboo: Former New York Times reporter takes on JFK

Historian McCullough to read from JFK speeches on the 50th anniversary

'Something has happened in the motorcade'

How Henry Wade, DA of Dallas, ran afoul of the FBI and CIA

Parsing Nixon and Ruby: a progress report

Fact check: Did Richard Nixon know Jack Ruby?

A comment on comments

Stone on Nixon: he 'never overtly said "LBJ did it” but...'

Was Nixon referring to JFK's assassination when said this about LBJ?

Dallas refines plan to exclude the majority of Americans from the 50th anniversary of JFK's death

June 24, 1963: JFK embarks on a tour of Europe

NSA: We did not investigate Hastings

Al Gore, JFK skeptic

Sign up now for tickets to JFK 50th anniversary event

The escapist impulse behind 'Letters to Jackie'

Hold the TWA 800 conspiracy theories

The search for Jimmy Hoffa's body

Fact check: Did a Pepsi-Cola executive kill JFK?

Taylor Marsh on Rob Lowe as JFK (and Bill O'Reilly as JFK fabulist)

From reverence to kitsch in Dallas

FBI is blocking 9/11 transparency, former Senator charges

From HTLINGUAL to Prism: the scandal of the new normal

NSA snooping scandal reveals Constitutional amnesia

Open America fills a gap

Open America: answer to the secrecy state

JFK: '...and we are all mortal.'

'No one knows the full story of what happened'

November 21, 1963

Hollywood anti-conspiracists cash in on JFK season

The JFK film industry is booming

'Uplifting' the spirit in Dealey Plaza

South Tampa Tribune schools the AP

They were there: MacNeil/Lehrer on Nov. 22, 1963

A plausible explanation of Life's Zapruder film fail

Stupid JFK conspiracy theorists--and their mainstream enablers

Which David Mamet will direct his JFK film?

Schutze on Dealey Plaza as a free speech battleground

Billy Sol Estes leaves the stage; claimed LBJ killed JFK (and others)

Alert: server issues

GOP consultant: Nixon hinted that he thought LBJ killed JFK


1,100 JFK documents ignored in Obama's push to open records

Wesley Liebeler: 'sometimes we get caught up in things that are bigger than we are'

Faith overwhelms facts: AP's un-journalism on JFK's assassination

Opera debut depicts First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the aftermath of the assassination

Suspicious JFK deaths: CIA colleague suspected Bill Harvey in mobster murder

Why the Tsarnaev-Oswald analogy falls apart

Belzer: JFK assassination 'the work of magicians'

Poll: belief in a JFK conspiracy slips slightly but remains high

Richard Belzer talks about suspicious deaths of JFK witnesses

The pain of doubt: Caroline Kennedy makes a rare allusion to her father's assassination

New comment policy: sharper discussion, more contributors

The problem with Conspiracy Inc.

Three reasons why the JFK conspiracy debate helps the CIA

How do I write a research paper on JFK?

Josiah Thompson explains the six seconds in Dallas

Crowd-sourcing Jackie's thoughts on JFK's death

Petition to open Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 2013

Philadelphia University to test the Single Bullet Theory

Dec. 1, 1963: The origins of doubt

What did JFK's doctors think about his wounds?

Warren Commissioner says 'history will prove us right.'

Best new JFK website

From the South Side of Chicago

No evidence whatever?

JFK Library reports 'significant damage' as probe continues

Prof. McAdams's baseless claim

Police treating fire at JFK Library 'as if it may be related' to Marathon bombing

Oswald's handlers? What Morley v. CIA clarified

JFK Facts comment policy is under reconstruction

RFK: 'Don't close them. If they're going to shoot, they'll shoot.'

JFK witness: 'My brother didn't do it'

'Common sense' and comments

Fact check: Was a Mauser found in the Texas School Book Depository?

At the Newseum: Epstein's unconvincing indictment of the pro-Castro assassin

What we are talking about when we talk about JFK

CIA translator on the missing Oswald Mexico City call

Readers weigh in on the best JFK website

Newseum to host Warren Commission critic who got played by a CIA spymaster

Q & A with Jeff Greenfield: 'I have revisited my revisionism'

Jeff Greenfield's counterfactual JFK book

'Ride The Tiger' blames the Mafia

Annals of avoidance

Bush's bad faith

Petition aims to protect free speech in Dealey Plaza

Rankin: 'We have an explanation there in the autopsy that probably a fragment came out the front of the neck'

Best JFK Web sites updated

What would JFK have said about the causes of his death?

Does Rachel Maddow know what she's talking about on JFK?

Tableau of disaster

Is Max Holland right about JFK and Cuba?

JFK witnesses we need to hear from

Why Obama hesitates to release the CIA's JFK records

'Kennedy Detail' movie has a conspiracy problem

Petition calls for free speech in Dealey Plaza on JFK anniversary

Autopsy of 'Parkland,' the JFK movie that was DOA

Dallas mayor listens to JFK skeptics

NatGeo's un-journalism on JFK

James Douglass's spiritual take on JFK

Secrecy expands under Obama

The folly of trying to control speech on the JFK anniversary

JFK remains in the shade during Sunshine Week

What James Jenkins saw: revelations from a witness to JFK's autopsy

50 Reasons for 50 Years: bookmark it

Listen to Air Force One on the day JFK died

What did RFK Jr. say about JFK?

For no reason

WaPo asks: Why did CIA wiretap a reporter in the 1960s? Answer: Because of his JFK reporting

Free speech protected in Dealey Plaza

What a Russian leader thought about JFK

What would JFK say today?

'Passing the torch' — October conference aims to educate the next generation about JFK

'Don't confuse me with facts'

Judicial Watch lawsuit seeks 7 JFK records in RFK's papers

Federal judges hear arguments about CIA JFK assassination records

A glimpse of 1963

Morley v. CIA: Why I sued for JFK assassination records

Was there a gunshot from the grassy knoll?

Morley v. CIA: thanks!

Morley v. CIA: JFK at issue in federal court next week

William J. Hood dies; CIA man who signed off on 'unusual' Oswald cable

Tom Hanks asks a priest to do what JFK's doctor would not: bless the lone gunman theory

Two more JFK files for Brennan's review

Back to work

Top 5 JFK files Brennan should make public

Chapter 1 of Simpich's 'State Secret' now available

Bill O’Reilly’s 'fun' JFK fictions

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a 'lone nut'?

What Bill O'Reilly learned while writing his JFK bestseller

Amazon@JFK: Who leaned on on the online giant?

Talismanic JFK treasures to be auctioned on Feb. 17

Did Amazon block a challenge to Bill O'Reilly's lone gunman theory?

Jan. 28, 1963: Jack Ruby pursues an exotic dancer

Jan. 27, 1963: Oswald thinks about buying a gun

JFK: faith, fact and heresy

Moon landing was not faked

JFK records ignored in latest National Declassification Center report

Jan. 20, 1964: Chief Justice seeks to quell rumors, then investigate

Obama, JFK and the 2nd term national security agenda

RFK speechwriter on JFK in 2013: Time to 'marshal ALL of the current evidence"

Fact Check: Were Bobby Kennedy Jr.'s comments about JFK evidence accurate?

Jan. 15, 1963: Jackie Kennedy dazzles at State of the Union

Jan. 14, 1963: JFK dowplayed Cuba as he prepared for State of the Union

Fact check: ABC's Marquardt fumbles JFK facts

RFK Jr.'s JFK assassination comments covered across the political spectrum

RFK Jr. resets the JFK debate with his remarks in Dallas

John Brennan and the CIA's last JFK secrets

Thread of the week: Why the CIA destroyed Oswald evidence

Ray Rocca: 'There was an earlier cable'

RIP: Kevin Walsh, catalyst for JFK disclosure

Jan. 7, 1963: Under U.S. government eyes, Oswald goes to work

Nikita Khrushchev: 'What really happened?'

Latest talks from JFK scholars: Kaiser on organized crime and the assassination

Fox News does right by JFK critics

AllGov: Dallas mayor to meet COPA on JFK at 50