In a non-dysfunctional MSM world regarding all things JFKA, this would be a Page One story, IMO.

CIA runs its own secret investigation in concurrence with WC but focuses on anti-Castro Cubans. And no one has ever seen the results. Geesus.

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I did some homework, Jefferson. I had no idea that the were a series of 'Neutrality Acts' in the '30s to prevent the United States becoming involved in foreign wars. Looks like this is a whole other subject of study, including the Lend Lease Act. I haven't read the Lend Lease Act, but I wonder if the wording stated specific allies of WWII? If so, then the Bay of Pigs may have violated that since Cuba may have not been listed as an 'ally' in the LLA, another subject I haven't studied.

As for the individuals, I thought I'd post them here for reference for anyone reading the Heath document who want to include the names for context.

AMWEE-1: Bohumil Jirkal, chauffeur at Czech Embassy, Mexico City, in 1963. [status: Speculative]

AMGABE-1: Julio Gaspar Hubert Rico. Among a small group of agents supposedly asked to determine if pro-Castro Cubans or anti-Castro Cubans were involved in the killing of JFK

AMPAN-22: Jose Ignacio Zarraga Diez-Muro

AMING-3: Alberto Muller Quintana. Muller was also given the cryptonym AMHINT-1. Alberto Muller Quintana, also known as AMING-3. 201-286050. Cofounder of the DRE and a CIA agent, who was captured and held for many years by the Cuban government.

AMBLEAK-1: Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris, *UR's chief of public relations, also known as Frank Dutton. Also known as Estaban Joaquin Blanco Sanchez, an official of Rescate. *UR = Unidad Revolucionaria.

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Who are AMWEE-1; AMGABE-1; AMPAN-22; AMING-3 and AMBLEAK-1? Who is Melendez Bach? Osmani Cienfuegos? Who is the 'American expatriate technician'? What is the Neutrality Act? Who were the 12 case officers working at Miami station? Who were the 'other agencies' other than the FBI he refers to? Heath says all those officers were very aware of their legal limitations of investigating Americans and alien residents living in the USA. Why should the CIA be responsible for any further investigation when it was the FBI's and those other agency's responsibility?

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