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Relative to the April 13, 2023 JFK Facts podcast discussion:

On possible Zapruder film alteration, here is an excellent presentation by ARRB member Douglas Horne, which includes the recollections of the National Photographic Interpretation Center’s Dino Brugioni:


Concerning the identification of Air Force General Edward Lansdale, the CIA’s long-time regime-change specialist, in Dealey Plaza [moments after the JFK assassination] — by former Air Force Colonel Fletcher Prouty & former Marine Corps General Victor Krulak [both of whom knew General Lansdale very well], see the following:


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“…Bob Woodward was open about it (an alternative JFK explanation)” …

as anyone with deep CIA connections would be. As someone wrote recently the JFK comments, everything you hear in the media is straight off someone’s desk at Langley.

Even though this discussion clearly acknowledges the reality that the truth of the JFK episode is destabilizing to our view of ourselves as living in a free democracy (with press freedom,) this podcast seems to reveal that even you guys have cognitive dissonance about looking squarely at the terrible situation in which we find ourselves.

Someone’s brother-in-law that was mentioned is right about Goggle…and Facebook and Wiki and where Elon wants to take Twitter [a Chinese style super app.] I assume you guys have heard of Webb’s massive two volume One Nation Under Blackmail. It is a field guide to all the bad actors who have stolen our Republic.

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Regarding the Zapruder film alteratton, please refer to Josiah Thompson's book, "Six Seconds in Dallas" and the upcoming -updated version "Last Second in Dallas"

As he was one of the first to access the film and has spent decades on the topic.

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Hi Jeff and company, I was a witness to the plot before during and after the Assassination. l reported to the FBI on the basics of what I saw in 91 when I was running against Bush as a Florida write in candidate and again in 2018. I name names and all that so my reports will be the last to be released if ever. now some things I want to say about the floor finishing job at the TSDB. I remember reading Roy Truly, Oswald's boss said he was going to keep him on the job until the floor finishing was done. the man on the extra chartered Hollywood Hootenanny Tour bus who was in charge of the 3 men who told me about a week before the Coup was Lee Odom and the young men after asking me what I was doing on the bus told me Kennedy was going to be killed and I should call my dad. Odom who Jean called Lee and the 3 men got off In Dallas. Thinking I was set up I pretended to call my dad on a wall phone.

Since the tour managers knew before it began around Nov 1st that they wanted me (Jim and Jean) to go was because they knew about the plot and I should go and not write anything down or interfere because it was dangerous. Well in 74 I was told by a researcher that the man in a photo he had that looked like the man on the bus who was Lee Odom and was associated with the FBI in Tampa. In 91 at the library the only Lee Odom in the 63 phone book was listed as a floor finisher. the Judge who interviewed me at Tampa FBI Headquarters said she did not know of him. also read long ago that the FBI told a reporter the reason why they did not tell Oswald's boss about them investigating him was because they did not want him to lose his job. here are some links because my story is long and am still investigating. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiWR2y6pjlc&t=1s and


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