Sitemap - 2017 - JFK Facts

'A terrific book weaving together so many different threads'

Echoes of Dallas: music inspired by JFK

From the JFK files, a spymaster's dictum on national security

Classic Angleton: on the Cold War, detente, and assassination

New footage of Jack Ruby surfaces

My JFK Debate with CIA Historian David Robarge

Correcting some mistakes in the Weekly Standard

The Spybrary reviews 'The Ghost'

CIA conceals files on wiretapped newsman who broke a big JFK story

Talking about THE GHOST in Boston

Espionage in the gay milieu of mid-20th century Washington

Top 3 questions I get on book tour

From Truthstream, a caustic appraisal of JFK files coverage

Angleton and the surveillance of Oswald

'Angleton controlled the Oswald file as part of the mole hunt'

THE GHOST at the Miami Book Fair

Oliver Stone on the JFK files: ‘Trump got rolled’ by ‘Deep State’

Angleton in 1963: a reckoning

If you liked the THE GHOST...

USA Today (almost) tells the story of George de Mohrenschildt

New light on Oswald and Mexico City

The goy and the golem: James Angleton and the rise of Israel

Talking Angleton at Chevalier's Books

The untold story of the JFK files: The CIA is not complying with the law

Tour the White House with Jackie Kennedy

Top 5 JFK files that the CIA is still hiding

Latest Group of JFK Assassination Records Available to the Public National Archives

Minneapolis native's 'Ghost' is a gripping bio of a CIA spy hunter

Secret JFK files shed new light on CIA monitoring and manipulation of Oswald

YouGov: Americans continue to doubt JFK assassination was work of one man

Woody Harrelson's ‘LBJ’ is important American History brought to light

USA Today: CIA started to disavow knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald within hours of killing

Morley responds to CIA historian David Robarge

Where to find a JFK smoking gun: in the coming FBI files

El Pais on 'mysteries hidden in the secret JFK assassination files'

Where to find the smoking gun: in the 30,000 JFK documents that remain secret

The Intelligence Community Flips Off America

New batch of JFK assassination files illuminate CIA's interest in Oswald

Top CIA official was told Oswald contacted KGB officer in Mexico City, new JFK file shows

Bowing to public opinion, the CIA releases more JFK files

iCONECT offers searchable database of new JFK files

Trumped: the mandate, the media, and the new clues in the JFK document (un)-Dump

Beyond the JFK headlines, the deeper story

The JFK files and the problem of trust

Search the new JFK files yourself

'What we learned last week was the assassination of JFK remains a sensitive issue at the top of the U.S. government'

Timeout on JFK files, as Washington turns to today's conspiracy allegations


Mary Ferrell would have chuckled about media coverage of JFK files

What the media missed: 90% of JFK files are still secret, 3 days after the legal deadline for disclosure

About CIA and FBI intransigence on the JFK files

Sessions pledges 'virtually complete disclosure' of FBI's JFK files on Monday

HuffPo asks the right JFK questions

Panel slams JFK assassination records dump

Sad! NBC's erroneous reporting on JFK files

Judge rebukes Trump's 'disappointing' JFK records release

Trump promised the JFK files, but the big dogs ate his homework

JFK records release delay sparks anger

CIA's spy hunters learned Oswald was in Dallas in November 1963

CIA statement on Trump's cover-up of JFK records

In defiance of the law, Trump delays release of JFK files

What the JFK Records Act says about today

White House fumbling as JFK release deadline nears

If you find something interesting in the JFK files, let me know

9 things you should know about the JFK file release

Gerald Posner predicts full release with no redactions

NSA concealed records on JFK assassination for decades

Secret files to be released this week have a lot of Miami names in them

New book reveals secrets about Boise-born spy James Angleton

Angleton: 'complex webs of subterfuge and deception'

Green light for the 'The Parkland Doctors'

Jackie Kennedy wanted JFK assassination papers made public, says her former Secret Service agent

JFK files: What we already know

Angleton and the Deep State: a conversation

JFK records: 'Peeling the onion for five decades'

Trump likely to block release of some JFK files

Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware): Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents

What you can do to free the JFK Files

With 9 days to go, planned disclosure of secret JFK files is 'in flux'

State of Texas v. Lee Harvey Oswald (plus Alec Baldwin)

Judge who chaired JFK assassination review board says 'it's time to release everything'

House Resolution 556 calls for 'full public release' of remaining JFK records

See you at the 2017 JFK Lancer November In Dallas conference

Search the new JFK files yourself

Final JFK assassination files due for release

Rep. Walter Jones on JFK: 'It’s time to reveal what happened'

Sen. Leahy on the last of the JFK records

Tell your Senators to sign S. Res 281 calling on President Trump to reject JFK secrecy

Lawmakers push Trump to release JFK assassination files

Liberals and conservatives call on Trump to reject JFK secrecy

Logan Nonfiction Program now accepting applications

Was JFK's lover Mary Meyer killed by the CIA?

Memories of the CIA in Miami

Rep. Walter Jones to offer resolution calling for full JFK disclosure

The unknown role of James Angleton in the events of 1963

From the Black Vault, all the new JFK assassination files

Top 4 revelations from the new JFK files

A missing Oswald file highlights the need for JFK legislation

President Ford spoke of a JFK plot, says former French president

Missing from the new JFK files: a batch of CIA records on Lee Harvey Oswald

From the new JFK files: Dallas mayor in 1963 was a CIA asset

RIP Dick Gregory, the man who brought the Zapruder film to national TV

On Angleton, Oswald and the CIA

'Exceptional reporting. Exceptional writing'

Judge backs Marquette's dismissal of McAdams

How Shenon and Sabato came to Fake News in JFK’s Murder

Law professor on Politico's JFK conspiracy theory

4 CIA lies: New JFK files show how assassination investigation was controlled, not 'botched'

Politico's JFK story may be wrong but it is not 'disinformation'

The new JFK files: What Politico missed about the CIA role

#NewJFKfiles: In 1964 Nikita Khrushchev schooled Drew Pearson on the JFK conspiracy question

Beyond the smoking gun: The new JFK files fill in two holes in the assassination story

Why did the CIA's Angleton want to cut off questions about Oswald?

President Trump, give us the full story on the JFK assassination

In 1972, CIA chiefs ordered no more questions about accused assassin Oswald

New JFK Files: CIA drags its feet on compliance, failing to release 12 documents

JFK investigators file suit for CIA records on themselves

Calling all JFK researchers

How can I access the new JFK files?

National Archives starts releasing long-secret JFK assassination records

Ex-CIA officer Robert Baer on JFK records: 'Release them'

Federal judge John Tunheim calls for full JFK disclosure in 2017

Did defector Yuri Nosenko fool the CIA?

JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 5

JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, Part 6

In Allen Dulles' papers, an analysis of the Nix Film

Orville Nix and the film he took of JFK's assassination

'If he was my lawyer I would fire him."

How (and why) the CIA watched Oswald in Mexico City

Angleton and the attack on the USS Liberty

Angleton, Cuba, and the assassination of JFK

Joan Mellen on the USS Liberty attack

John Barbour indicts the media for JFK coverage

Fighting for freedom of information

Listen to the audio version of the Hardway-Lopez report

Jean: The speculation about Ruth Paine is baseless

What role did Ruth Paine play in JFK's assassination?

When was the Zapruder film first shown to the American people?

Angleton's story: 'Intriguing, moving, and at time shocking'

Castro: target of the CIA's secret armies

C.G. Harvey, widow of CIA's Bill Harvey, denounced JFK and loved a mobster

Bill Harvey, armed and dangerous

'This important book depicts the trail of wreckage left behind by Angleton'

Sixth Floor Museum acquires third of four known movies of JFK's assassination

Coming soon: the CIA's files on the Watergate burglars

Dealey Plaza eyewitness: 'People were running to the grassy knoll'

JFK Most Wanted: Dave Phillips' CIA operations files

Talbot sues CIA for records of Bill Harvey, assassination specialist

'Props to the editors and management of Newsweek'

Antonio Veciana: the Army Intelligence connection

More on KGB man and Oswald

Who was Valery Kostikov?

Angleton and the Nixon White House tapes

The Conspiracy Theorist-in-Chief will decide the fate of secret JFK documents

Twitter fingers on the Grassy Knoll

Was JFK's motorcade route changed before November 22?

Plots against Castro and the JFK case: a CIA agent’s story

Documents shedding light on CIA-orchestrated coup in Iran are released by State Department

'Compulsively readable, often bizarre true-life story of an American spymaster'

What does Putin think about JFK?

Who was June Cobb?

The Woodstein Tapes

A dissenting note on Angleton and 'the Wilson Plot'

Was James Angleton a KGB mole?

Two different views of Antonio Veciana

Deep State Chronicles: Angleton and the Wilson Plot

The latest news about 'JFK Declassified'

'JFK Declassified': Episode 6

Comments or email? Or both?

Antonio Veciana talks

Trump, JFK, and the 'deep state'

Putin weaponizes the JFK story against the CIA

Intel Today blog on Antonio Veciana

Anthony Summers reflects on covering the JFK story

CSPAN tunes in to 'JFK and the National Security State'

The National Security State & JFK: a Future of Freedom Foundation conference

William Matson Law's 'In The Eye of History'

How JFK stood up to the military-industrial complex

The History Channel series 'JFK Declassified' is MIA but we have the latest

The CIA's secrets about JFK, Che, and Castro revealed in new Book by former operative

President Kennedy had a Russian back channel

E.J Dionne gets JFK right: the forever-young president 100 years on

Pre-order now: 'The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton'

The 'Deep Throat' story is coming to your screens

Online conference to mark JFK's 100th birthday

'JFK Declassified,' episode 4: the samizdat version

JFK’s last birthday: Gifts, champagne and wandering hands on the presidential yacht

JFK Declassified, Episode 3 surfaces (in Canada)

RFK's secret campaign to become LBJ's Vice President

JFK rates highest among last ten presidents

Natalie Portman embodies a magnificent ‘Jackie’

Secret JFK document #2: James Angleton's testimony

Max Holland vs. Oliver Stone: A debate about the CIA and JFK

Did bad ratings kill 'JFK Declassified?

Another question about 'JFK Declassified'

Oswald in New Orleans

Finding strange bedfellows among JFK conspiracy fans

Documentary tells the James Files story (again)

Let's get an answer from History Channel: Who killed 'JFK Declassified'?

Reporting on the Kennedy Assassination

Day 1: History Channel does not respond to JFK queries

What happened to 'JFK Declassified?'

Robert Groden settles with Sixth Floor Museum in JFK-free speech victory.

The long road from JFK to Pizza-gate

Earliest recording of JFK found at Harvard

CNN follows JFK Facts on the October 2017 release

JFK Facts Podcast: How to watch 'JFK Declassified' and retain your sanity

Pre-order now: The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton

CIA and JFK: Bob Baer talks with Jefferson Morley and Dan Hardway, Part 1

If Oswald were living today and went to Syria to meet with ISIS

Daily Beast goes for an unfounded JFK theory

A comment on 'JFK Declassified'

9 things you may not know about the Warren Commission

JFK Showdown: CIA's Bob Baer vs. Jefferson Morley and Dan Hardway

A look at the National Security State and JFK

History Channel highlights release of DRE material

How to decipher CIA pseudonyms

Prelude to a cover-up: CIA ponders 'appropriate next steps' on missing JFK files

Dan Hardway asks some questions about Antonio Veciana and 'Trained To Kill'

Recycling the 'Castro sorta done it' theory

Reactions to the History Channel's 'JFK Declassified'

'JFK Declassified:' What the History Channel overlooks

History Channel's 'JFK': same old, same old

JFK Facts Podcast: What will the History Channel say about JFK and CIA?

How the testimony of a JFK witness was distorted

History Channel, CIA officer to examine 'The Declassified Oswald;" The Internet will be fact-checking

What was Antonio Veciana's connection with the CIA?

Ruth and Michael Paines' curious role in the JFK story

JFK Facts Podcast: On Antonio Veciana's memoir, 'Trained To Kill'

Behind the JFK cover story, Oswald under CIA surveillance for 4 years

CIA critics reviewed the JFK film 'Executive Action' even before it was released

Dept. of Dubious Theories: Roger Stone still defends his claim about Ted Cruz's father

Angleton and the CIA's illicit mail surveillance program

The return of JFK Facts podcast

William T. Coleman, civil rights lawyer and Warren Commission staffer, dies at 96

Is Donald Trump at greater risk of assassination than any president?

WhoWhatWhy: Will Trump release JFK records?

The Trump-Russia inquiry echoes Cold War intrigue

6 common questions about the JFK assassination

The Assassination & Mrs. Paine

James Angleton and the art of leak

'We just did not anticipate how many [JFK] records ... had not been released'

Does Trump's fight with the CIA increase his risk of assassination?

Even though they had killed her husband

Now an audiobook: Oswald, the CIA & Mexico City (The Lopez Report)

JFK's differences with the CIA were profound. Trump's, not yet.

Judge Tunheim: I saw Oswald's KGB file and it was five feet tall

Judge Tunheim says JFK files were 'probably unlawfully withheld' by CIA

WikiLeaks password echoed JFK's anti-CIA quote

A CIA officer's revealing hostility toward JFK

Judge John Tunheim to speak on JFK assassination disclosures on March 16

Returning to action: the JFK story in 2017

About John Newman's new book, 'Countdown to Darkness'

"Jackie" the woman and the mythmaker

Secret JFK document #3: the DRE/AMSPELL file

What JFK records are most pertinent to the case?

Spirit of Angleton hovers over an attack on Edward Snowden

Dealey Plaza: after the shots rang out

The Economist highlights JFK disclosures in 2017

The origins of the battle for the soul of the CIA

Literary (CIA) agents at work

The Dulles ascendancy: the rise of a secret government

Anthony Summers digs deeper on Orest Pena

What Orest Pena knew

Secret JFK document #1: the Orest Pena interview