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Wednesday July 13, 2022

New documentary examines Ruth Paine and the events of November 1963

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The CIA agent who wrote lousy spy novels later masterminded the Watergate burglary

'Every tree in the forest will fall'

David Mamet couldn't make his Zapruder film. Now he's directing a 'Mafia done it' flick

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Counterpunch: Abolish the CIA

Chapo Trap House meets JFK

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'If you need a dirty job done'

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Amazon customer reviews Scorpions' Dance

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Is there an audiobook of 'Scorpions' Dance?'

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You're invited to the Spy Museum's event on the CIA and Watergate

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President Nixon pressed CIA director on "the Who shot John? angle"

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Watergate burglar threatened my mother because of her JFK story

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Biden pardons Abraham Bolden, the only Secret Service agent who sought JFK accountability

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PIDB member predicts most JFK documents will be released this year

Don McLean Celebrates 50th Anniversary of 'American Pie'

Marilyn Monroe’s final hours

'It feels like ancient history but it's a live story'

Oswald letters intercepted by CIA. Where are they?

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The CIA and Watergate: 'An eye-opening investigation'

ICYM: My friend, David Ferrie

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What did Nixon mean by 'the Whole Bay of Pigs thing?'

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The CIA Was Reading Lee Harvey Oswald's Mail

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